COVID-19: Smart Technologies



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1. Disinfection 消毒





Synbio Air Guard




2. Body Temperature Monitoring



02 Pro


3. Virtual Map Tour Guide
(by Matterport)

Virtual Street View Quarantine Facilities Map Tour Guide (by Matterport)

Using 3D cameras and virtual tour software platform, we may help people such as workers and patients in government’s quarantine facilities.
For workers & temporary patients residing in Penny Bay: 3D Virtual Tour Map of the quarantine facility will be generated, helping people navigate in the large area, as an addition to the signage boards.

4. AI Chatbot as COVID-19 Information Centre

AI Chatbot as COVID-19 Information Centre

AI Chatbot trained by Natural Language Processing can help to answer Q&A, procedures, and revert the most urgent cases to the hotline.

5. Smart Delivery & Navigation Robot

Pudu 配送導覽機械人

Delivery: May help carry light items such as suppliers to designated location.
Navigation: Function can lead users to places, with video instructions.
Machine dimension: 451 x 436 x 1103mm
Weight: 38kg
Capacity: 30kg
Battery: 4.5h
Navigation 7x24h
Cruise speed: Max 1.2m/s
Clearance: >55cm

6. Air Purification 空氣淨化

Atmosphere Sky™

Atmosphere Sky™空氣清新機
-能濾除逾340種污染物, 包括新型冠狀病毒
-採用智能監測系統, 統一操作

Monitair IonAir EC1500

Monitair IonAir EC1500:
bi-polar ionization device (clip on unit use in lifts, airduct exits).
Est. 400sqf coverage (depends on airflow & circulation design).

Monitair IonAir 1600

Monitair IonAir 1600:
bi-polar ionization device (In-duct unit use in Air Handling Unit, Supply AirDuct, FAU, VAV unit).
Est. 800sqf coverage. (depends on airflow & circulation design).

7. Diagnosis / Detection of COVID-19

AI Powered COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Result Recognition

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits, to show the C-T positive or negative result testing for covid-19. Some in the society such as elderly are unable to identify and differentiate whether the test shows positive/negative/invalid and the next steps.
The AI COVID-19 Tester has trained via thousands of RAT test results (Including results from Government’s 10 listed RAT tests).

For users: Upload a picture to web platform / WhatsApp, may show the user of the test result, and the next steps and relevant information and resources.

8. Telemedicine 遠程醫療

Comedi Health TeleMedicine Solution

We've made telemedicine simple and easy for clent. Create personal room and flexible enough to meet all patient access and communication needs.
Dr consultation flow support online booking, video consultation and recording functions for client.