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Impacting business goals

Goals for AI innovation

1 Enable product and service innovation

2 Drive research and discovery

3 Enhance the customer experience

4 Improve customer service

5 Improve healthcare outcomes

6 Increase efficiency and productivity

7 Improve security and compliance

8 Optimize supply chain operations

9 Improve decision making

Increase efficiency and productivity

Across business operations, pervasive use of machine learning to automate and streamline processes has resulted in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Improve security and compliance

Use of machine learning across security, risk, and compliance use cases is a fast-growing trend especially in the financial services sector.

Optimize supply chain operations

From point-of-sale to freight-delivery management to forecasting demand, AI plays a pivotal role across the supply chain.

Improve decision-making

Machine learning-based predictions augment decision making across all functions of the organization and across use cases.

Getting started with AI

AI presents new opportunities to realize foundational gains such as efficiency and cost savings, as well as higher-value gains such as product innovation and spurring discovery and research. But how do organizations get started? For
many, AI adoption begins by identifying workflows and business processes that suffer from low efficiency or where human mistakes abound. They consider all their data sources and existing data strategy. They determine the best cloud-based
infrastructure and tools to scale AI. And last, they ensure that the right skills are on board for machine learning projects to be successful.

Getting started with BI:=AI

BI:=AI has the broad and deep set of AI and Machine Learning services for your business. AWS and Intel have been working together for over a decade to deliver the most comprehensive set of resources, tools, training, and services.

On behalf of our customers, we focus on solving some of the toughest challenges that hold back AI adoption.

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